Today, something incredible happened. No, not a baby’s birth, something less miraculous, but still, incredible, nonetheless. I arrived at El Santo Mexican Beach Bar to take pictures, and I was overwhelmed with smiles — within 1 minute of walking through the patio. Every time I spun around, someone was grabbing, poking, prodding and yelling at me. Everyone just wanted to do one thing, say hi. Sure I took their photo afterwards, but they were genuinely happy to see me, and vice-versa.

I feed off of peoples energy, and today, that energy was enigmatic. Contagious is a good word to use too. I did what I did, but when Bingo Players hit the stage, the crowd erupted. It was an energy you had to experience to believe. In lamens terms, it was just plain fun.

Scottsdale Summer 2012 was mediocre at best, this year, there are people, companies, brands, behind the scenes doing their absolute best to bring high quality entertainment to the valley. These people deserve all the credit. All the staff at Relentless Beats and Steve Levine Entertainment  work long hours so that we may enjoy great shows. Yes, they are competitors and bump heads, but that’s the beauty of it. The more competition there is, the more we as an audience win. Because they are always wanting to one up the other. This is the truth.

Overall, the last two weeks have promised us that this is going to be an incredible Summer, and it was great seeing all of my friends and acquaintances hollering at me to just say hi. Watch your pocket books and make sure you come to these shows. Trust me, you don’t want to miss what lies ahead.

For any questions about upcoming shows, please, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll get you in touch with the right people for ticket handling.



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