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Concert Photographer / Music Photography

Concert photography is a dark art. Low-lighting, bright backlighting, and moving subjects are just the basic nuances of capturing the raw emotion of the band, the crowd and the energy of the room.

I’ve been drawn to concert photography from a young age. It was only natural for me as music was such a vital part of our family. I loved feeling the music through my feet and eventually through my fingertips while photographing the musicians on stage. Concert photography has become a large part of my photography business. I’ve learned a lot over the past 8 years through huge amounts of trial and error and sleepless nights.

The skillset of our creative team lands us coveted opportunities to walk amongst our musical idols and document that experience.
Our passion is to translate the energy of being present at a live performance to a single visual representation.

You’ve heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but what we strive for is to inspire a feeling. What do you feel when you see an image of an artist singing so hard that they appear to be crying, or spitting or opening their mouth so wide that they could swallow the Earth? If you’ve ever been at a concert on either side of the performance, you can be transported to that very moment in time and relive that moment.

This is what sets Tavits Photography apart from our colleagues is our passion to move you with our imagery. We don’t do it for the money, we do it for the love. When that is the philosophy of an artist, it is only natural that the universe unfolds and provides what you need to continue to express yourself to its highest and greatest potential.

We have over 8 years of experience in concert photography including artist bios, festivals, nightclubs, and special events. What began as a passion for music and photography turned Tavits Photography into Arizona’s choice event and wedding photographer. We are also proud to mention we have officially worked for the world famous DJ & producer, Kaskade — and many more in the upper echelon of artists.

Skills for concert and festival photography are essential for capturing the true essence of corporate events, parties, and weddings.

Hire us to capture your band, DJ, or music festival and receive ad-worthy, frameable photos.