360 Degree Event Photography | Virtual Reality

360 Degree Event Photography | Virtual Reality

360-degree photos and videos deliver immersive experiences to increase engagement and allowing viewers to experience/relive your event.

Touch and drag to look around/zoom.

If a photo is worth a thousand words, how many words is a 360 degree photo worth?

You’ve probably seen some interesting panoramic photos on social media showing 360 degrees of scrollable, zoomable and rotatable content. Welcome to the future of 360-degree media.

With the newest technology on the market, capture your event like never before. Now with 360 photography, we can provide content that shows off all production aspects. We are in the middle of a paradigm shift in content creation. What was once the radio is now TV and what is now TV has become the smartphone. Not keeping up with new technology can have a detrimental impact on your business.

360-degree photography and videography are valuable for event photography by capturing the whole picture, providing an immersive experience and increasing engagement.

With advances in technology and the introduction of 360-degree photo and video sharing on platforms such as Facebook and Google, it is not surprising that the use of virtual reality and immersive experiences have expanded from personal to corporate use.

Event photography is especially suited for this type of photography and videography since there is so much to capture from speakers and guests, to expansive venues and their carefully crafted event setups. Many producers/production companies love 360 content because we can capture the room before and after guests fill up the space. These 360 images are able to show you and your team what worked and didn’t work for next years planning.

Corporate event photography is notorious for needing to fit a large group of people into one shot. This is typically accomplished by squishing everyone as closely as possible into the camera frame so that no one is missed. Ideally, having a 360-degree view will not only easily capture every face in the room clearly, but it will increase engagement on your website by allowing users to scroll around to see everyone.

Wedding photography is another perfect event that is vastly improved by allowing couples and guests to literally go back and relive the moments of their special day with the ability to move around within the video or photograph. All 360-degree videos are supported by virtual reality headsets from Google Cardboard to Oculus when using YouTube app.