Corporate Event Photography in Phoenix

Corporate Event Photography Phoenix

If you have a business in the Phoenix area, you should consider the advantages of hiring a professional corporate photographer. Photographing events such as conferences, parties and conventions helps you build your brand and reach a wider audience. It also helps to boost team morale as people see themselves featured in your photos. Tavits Photography is the leading choice for corporate photography Phoenix and can help you get more out of your business related events.

The Importance of Corporate Event Photography Phoenix
Phoenix is quickly becoming a hotspot for corporate events. The Southwest has been attracting many new businesses in recent years and many companies are choosing spots such as the Phoenix-Scottsdale area for their events. If you’re planning an event in this dynamic area, it’s important to plan how you’re going to photograph the festivities. Many businesses simply post photos taken by team members using smartphones or maybe digital cameras. However, there are some good reasons to work with a professional photographer.

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  • Have quality photos to display and publish. You want your photographs to make a great impression on everyone —employees, clients, prospects, website visitors, social media followers. An experienced corporate & event photographer knows how to capture optimal shots that are ideal for building your credibility.
  • Save yourself time and work. If you and your team are running around events trying to capture photos, it distracts you from what’s happening at the event. It can also be distracting to attendees. Professional photographers are skilled at positioning themselves so they aren’t in the way.
  • Give your events a higher profile look. Professional photographers make any event look momentous.

Why Tavits is the Leading Corporate Event Photographer Phoenix
Tavits Photography has been serving Phoenix and surrounding areas for 10 years. Although we specialize in corporate event photography, we offer many other services as well.

  • Our team is composed of 100% 5-star rated photographers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.
  • We are detail-oriented. Every aspect of a photograph, such as distance, light, angle and timing will affect the outcome. Our team is dedicated to capturing the perfect shots for every occasion.
  • We are flexible to meet our clients’ needs. We can do everything from headshots in our studio to multi-day parties and events. We’re glad to travel for your events.

A Complete Line of Photography Services
Tavits offers a variety of services to help you make the most of your corporate events. We also have related services to boost your brand.

Business Headshots
Professional headshots can be used on your website, LinkedIn and other social media pages, your business cards and anywhere else you want to feature your face.
A quality headshot is essential for projecting the right image.

Corporate Event Videography
You may want to video your events to feature highlights on your website, YouTube channel or social media pages. Tavits has a dedicated video team that can create the ideal videos, whether you want to capture an entire event or just featured highlights. We can also film interviews. We even provide on-site hair and makeup to make sure everyone looks their best.

360 Photo & Video
360 photography and videos are a growing trend, letting you share panoramic views of your business or event. These photos provide a dynamic view of the room or setting, giving viewers the sense of being up close. 360 degree views help to overcome a common challenge at business events —the need to include large numbers of people in a single shot. We offer 360 photos and videos for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Product Photography
In some cases, corporate events are connected to products that your company is releasing. You may want to feature these products on your website and social media pages. It’s essential to have high quality photos to clearly showcase your products. Tavits photographers are experts at setting up and capturing the essence of a product, whether they are electronics, edibles, fashion, or anything else.
It’s also important to have photos in the right format for different platforms Our online delivery gallery makes it easy to select the right file size for your purposes.

Make Sure People Remember Your Next Phoenix Corporate Event
Corporate event photography helps you get more out of any event. You may be gathering for a single evening or weekend. Photos and videos allow the event to live on as you share it with countless people and multiple platforms. Everybody today has the technology to take their own photos and videos. However, it takes an experienced eye and the best equipment to create work that’s professional and that truly expresses the essential qualities of an event. Tavits Photography is glad to work with all types of businesses that want to have photographs that make their events truly memorable.