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Tavits Photography is a Phoenix Arizona based professional photographer collective renown for capturing the true essence of corporate events, weddings and festivals nationwide.

25years' experience
175finishing projects
18winning awards

Wedding, Engagement, Family and Pet

Every love story is different and that is why we spend time to understand your vision. We excel in capturing fashion-forward as well as romantic, elegant moments. From realistic to candid and epic photo journalistic images, our goal is to translate your love into emotive, lasting memories.

32years' experience
50finishing projects
10winning awards

Music Festival, Concert, Nightlife and Modeling

As true artists, it is only natural to be drawn to capturing images of beauty. High fashion, glamour and modeling are obvious choices for photographers who want to be captivated as well as challenged. Where we really get a chance to shine is translating the sound, feeling and raw emotions displayed on and off stage at concerts, music festivals and intimate venues around the world.

37years' experience
205finishing projects
22winning awards


We are a multi-discipline photography group with an extensive network of the finest talent, allowing us to build the perfect team to bring your vision to life.


I picked up my first camera in 2007 before visiting my mother in France. During that trip, I fell in love with the craft and knew this was what I would be doing for the rest of my life. Since that time, I have sought out like minded individuals that never settle for less and strive to become better in their career. Besides taking pictures, I enjoy hiking, going to comedy shows, attending music festivals, and being with my wife and 2 dogs. I’m still searching for the perfect cup of coffee which corresponds with my passion to travel. When I don’t have a camera in hand, I enjoy playing an occasional video game or watching a movie.

Derrick Photographer

Derrick began photography after graduating in 2011 with a Business Administration degree from Missouri State University.  In 2015, Derrick moved to Scottsdale, AZ. In Scottsdale, Derrick met Peter and Tavit and began shooting nightlife Photography at all of the major venues in Old Town Scottsdale.  Derrick specializes in fashion & lifestyle photography as well as corporate & special events.


Peter has a degree is Visual Communication and started shooting nightlife in September of 2011 at Axis Radius. From there he became a trusted and reliable photographer utilized by Steve LeVine Entertainment where he covered numerous shows and events for them. A couple years later in 2013 he started residencies with Riot Hospitality where he became a vital asset to the company and grew. In 2014 he started working with PCH and shooting their fundraiser events. 2015 is the year where he catapulted his photo career with adding residencies at Triyar establishments, and the following year shooting food for local restaurants.


Aaron began photographing using film in 2008 as a junior at Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, AZ. After graduating, he decided to pursue a career in photography, aspiring to document travel and music. He obtained his associate’s degree from Mesa Community College and is now at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication working on his bachelor’s in photojournalism.  In 2015, Aaron started working as a nightlife and event photographer after joining Tavit and his team. He holds weekly residencies at various clubs in Downtown Tempe such as C.A.S.A., Shady Park, and El Hefe Tempe. Aaron also shoots at various clubs in Old Town Scottsdale such as Bottled Blonde, Hifi, and El Hefe Scottsdale. Aside form nightlife work, Aaron enjoys travel, skateboard, lifestyle, documentary, and music photography.

Eric Photographer

Eric is a Cum Laude graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. He specializes in fashion product, e-commerce, and portrait photography.  As a trained photographer under Tavit and his team, Eric is a proficient nightlife and event photographer with a creative eye. His passions are graphic design, branding, and action sports.  You will always find Eric with a warm smile, a fun personality, and joke or two to make your day better.

Corporate Event Photographer Phoenix Jacob

Jacob began his love for photography as a kid in school with film and darkrooms.  He started his professional career while in college as a side job. After a few years of work, he turned his passion into his full time business.  He currently shoots an assortment of events; with clients such as: Relentless Beats (music festivals & nightlife) & Phoenix New Times (food & drink).  Recent achievements include having 2 cover photos on Phoenix New Times.  Jacob also works for several brands such as: Redbull, Malibu, and Don Q Rum; and stays active in the Phoenix business community shooting for ASBA (Arizona Small Business Association), Networking Phoenix, & Networking 360.

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