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Photography lens on top of face masks
Respecting Client Requests for Vaccination and Masks

The Covid pandemic has affected every type of business. It's been harder for photographers to find jobs as events are still being canceled or postponed....

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Empty event space
01/03/22 | Event Photography
Best Event Planners for Your Las Vegas Event

Las Vegas is one of the best places for events of all kinds. There are lots of great venues for corporate events, weddings, parties, conventions...

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Floating mirrorless camera
Why Switching to Mirrorless Cameras from DSLR is Inevitable

Until quite recently, DSLR cameras were the industry standard and you probably never even considered that they would be replaced by newer technology. Today, however,...

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prime vs zoom lenses
Why Prime Lenses Are Better Than Zooms

One of the longest standing debates in photography is whether it's better to use zoom lenses or prime lenses. You may have your own preference...

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12/08/21 | Event Photography
Las Vegas – A Perfect Place for Corporate Events

Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations in the United States for corporate events. There are many reasons for this, including its location,...

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Piggy bank looking at coins
Why You Should Request A 50% Retainer Before Accepting Any Job

As a professional photographer, you take pride in your work. You may take on assignments and assume that clients are operating in good faith and...

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11/24/21 | Event Photography
Scottsdale – A Hotspot for Corporate Events

The city of Scottsdale in Arizona continues to emerge as a leading destination for corporate events. Businesses that are situated in the Southwest have many...

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Family photo shoot by Tavit
11/05/21 | Family Photography
Family Photo Shoot Tips – Updated for 2021-22

Family photo shoots are important for capturing memories that you and your children will treasure for years. However, getting everyone in place and looking their...

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