10/16/18 | Corporate Event Photography
Unique Corporate Event Ideas to Take Your Event to the Next Level

Our top 7 corporate event ideas will take your event to the next level! Company events – whether it’s the annual Christmas or summer party,...

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Canon My Story
10/03/18 | Accolades, Blog
My Canon Story

My Canon Story is a way to bring the community together by sharing their experiences through photos and stories.  Telling stories is the best way...

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08/26/18 | Blog
Prepping a Family Ahead of a Photo Shoot

When you work with families a professional photographer, it's important to set your expectations up front. The more you can prepare a family for the...

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07/25/18 | Blog
Don’t Sell Yourself Short: Pricing In a Competitive Market

Despite the great looking picture your friend took with their cell phone, not all Phoenix photography is created equal. As you talk with potential clients...

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06/10/18 | Blog
Cowboy Studio 8051 7ft Light Stand Review

As a professional photographer, it is critical to constantly be on the lookout for necessary accessories that fit your needs. This month, I am reviewing...

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05/18/18 | Blog, Product Reviews
Phottix Varos Pro S Review

This months professional photographer review is dedicated to the Phottix Varos Pro S Umbrella flash holder. I have been searching for a high quality umbrella...

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01/30/18 | Blog, Wedding Photography
Wedding.com Review

It’s been a tough bullet to bite, but as a professional event photography specialist, I dab my hands in a lot of pots to see...

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01/05/18 | Blog, Corporate Event Photography
Event Photography – The Balance of Business

Event Photography requires a lot of strings. First, there needs to be an event, then a producer, then that producer delegates to hire staff, hair...

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