Tavit Daniel

Genesis SUV in parking garage
Pro Tips When Shooting Cars

Cars are beautiful, stylish, and exciting, so they're often a favorite choice for photography. It's sometimes challenging, however, to capture all the adventure, speed, and grace of a car in...

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Concert Photography Amazing Lights
Concert Photography Tips

Taking photos at concerts can be fun and profitable. There will always be a demand for photographs that capture memorable performances. However, concert photography comes with many challenges. You need...

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Crowd at concert tossing balloons
Nightlife & Nightclub Photography

Taking photographs at nightclubs and other venues can be fun and rewarding. You can capture some artistic shots, and unique moments, such as discovering an emerging band/DJ. It's also a...

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Street view of business building
Shooting Architecture Photography

Architecture photography is a creative and rewarding field that gives you a chance to explore history as you capture shots of buildings and other structures. This is a distinct type...

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woman laying on bed with feet on the wall
Reasons To Schedule A Boudoir Photo Session

A boudoir photo session can be a fun and fulfilling experience and provide you with great photos you'll treasure for years. You'll have a chance to express a side of...

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