The World is on Fire

I have no idea what the title means to this. But somehow, it seems appropriate for everything going on in my life. I have people trying to cut me down because of my success, and I have others trying to lift me up and propel me forward: a team of incredible friends and family who want nothing but the best for me. The ones who try to cut me down, they will learn the hard way. They should spend more time focusing on how to master their craft rather than trying to sabotage others successes. For my friends and family helping me chug along, thank you.

June was the last time I wrote my thoughts…a lot has happened since June.
I have traveled to Puerto Rico and took photos at EDC there, I have traveled to LA and went on a cruise to take photos for a 3 day non-stop party festival, and I was recently invited to cover Sensation in Las Vegas. These are just a few things I have been involved with.

Years ago, I sat with an advisor at W.P. Carey (ASU Business School), he asked me, “What do you want to do?” I wrote my goals down on a sheet of paper and hung it on my wall next to my door where to this day, it still hangs. On that paper, two things stand out: 1. I wanted to travel as a photographer and 2. I wanted to spend more time focusing on how to become better at taking photos. With these items on my to-do list, I set out and made it happen.

I’ve never been a person that tries to inspire anybody, but something happened inside of me over this summer that really kicked my butt into gear that I wanted to share with everyone. If you have a passion or want to make a change…do it. Be passionate about what you love doing, and others will see it. They will admire it. They will be moved by your actions. And they too, will become passionate about what they want in life. With my desires set in stone, things I have been working so hard for in the past 3.5 years have begun to pay off. I am starting to travel on the weekends, and my skill in photography grows every time I pick up the camera and cover a new event.

Lastly, have balance. Don’t let your passion blind you from important things in life. Focus on your career, focus on your family, make time for friends and family who truly care about you, and then, complete the cycle with what it is you want to do. It takes practice to balance these things, but it is well worth it in the end.

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