Event Photography can take a lot out of you. Between running your business, being creative, buying new items, editing, learning new techniques, the list goes on and on, it can put a real strain on your brain. It wasn’t until recently that I started meditating. I hate to admit it, but I always thought meditating was this ‘bad thing’ that hippies and super cool spiritual people did, so I stayed away, admittedly being completely ignorant to the idea. Well, lesson learned.

One day, I was scrolling on my social media feed, and I came across this 2 minute video of a monk talking about meditation. He explained that it is hard to turn the brain off, because our brains are like chattering little monkeys, always distracting, and talking talking talking. When meditating, you tell your brain to breathe in, and breathe out, over and over, this makes it so your brain doesn’t think about anything else, therefore your focus is now breathing, and it slows your heart down, and in turn, calms you down.

Like many, MANY people, I suffer from high anxiety, and get panic attacks for some things I think about that will probably never happen. If this sounds like you, then I’m glad you’re still reading. After suffering for so long with anxiety, and refusing to take prescription drugs, then coming across the meditation video, I decided to seek out meditation techniques that would help me with my problem.

That is when I came across this app called ‘Calm’ on the Apple app store. This app has been incredible. I use it when I have a panic attack, and I use it to help me to go sleep. Now, initially, they have pretty neat features that are free, such as sounds like thunderstorms, fireplace, fountains, etc for background sounds if you’re trying to sleep, relax, or work at your desk. It comes with a free breathing technique, 2 complimentary adult bedtime stories (it’s meditation hiding in form of a story), and a free 7-day meditation program. There are purchase options available if you decide to take your calming services more seriously.

I can honestly tell you, this app has been a life saver. Everything it does for me, works. Even when I’m alone, sometimes I just focus on breathing, and it helps. With this new-found practice, my mental clarity has been sharper, and lately, I am much more relaxed, even while running my business life and handling my personal life. If this helps just one person reading this, than I will be happy with my time spent here. If you feel this can help others, please share this with the world, your family, or friend. Mental illness is serious, mental instability is serious, and if we all took a little time to help each other or help someone else by showing them how they could help themselves, you never know what positive impact it may have. After your head is clear, pick up that camera, and get creative again. ?

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