Reasons To Schedule A Boudoir Photo Session

A boudoir photo session can be a fun and fulfilling experience and provide you with great photos you’ll treasure for years. You’ll have a chance to express a side of yourself that isn’t possible with other types of photos. The following are some good reasons to consider scheduling a boudoir photo session.

What is a Boudoir Photo Session?
A boudoir or lingerie photo session is a type of photo session, usually conducted in a bedroom, that features sensual, romantic, or sometimes erotic photos. The subject wears lingerie or other suggestive garments. At a boudoir photo session, there will usually be makeup and hairstylist specialists on hand to help get you ready, so you look and feel your very best. Unlike most photo sessions, the purpose of these photographs is for private enjoyment rather than public consumption. Of course, it’s entirely up to you who you want to share these photos with. Let’s look at some of the top reasons you may want to schedule a boudoir photo session.

Model in white lingerieEnhance Your Self-Image
One reason to arrange a boudoir photo session is to boost your self-image, especially as it pertains to your body. Our photographers who excel at boudoir sessions, will portray you in the most flattering and image-enhancing manner. We can help suggest outfits and poses that bring out aspects of yourself you may not usually express. Regardless of your body type, this type of photography session will bring out your best and most sensual look. Boudoir sessions are also a form of self-care that isn’t really focused on in most parts of the world. They are only for you and perhaps your partner.

Increase Your Confidence
In addition to giving you a better all-around self-image, a boudoir session can boost your confidence. If you are shy or modest, this type of photography helps you express a completely different side of yourself. If you’re naturally outgoing, you’ll enjoy showing off in front of the camera. Our photographer will guide you in finding the poses that help you express a bold and sensual look.

A Perfect Pre-Wedding Gift
One of the best times to schedule a boudoir photo session is before your wedding. An album full of gorgeous boudoir photographs can make an ideal gift to your fiancé. He/She will surely appreciate having a collection of unique sensuous images of you. Of course, it’s also a gift to yourself as you will likely have a great time at the session.

Model in front of door silhouette

Develop Rapport with Your Wedding Photographer
Since you will be looking for a great photographer for your wedding, a boudoir shoot can provide a trial run. You don’t necessarily have to use the same photographer for both, but if you find one that you have a good connection with, why not? If you feel comfortable with a photographer during an intimate photoshoot, chances are they’ll be perfect for your wedding as well.

Add Spark to Your Relationship
A boudoir session can be great to add sizzle to both new and enduring relationships. They aren’t only for couples in the pre-wedding phase; they can also be the perfect way to add sizzle to long-term relationships. Both you and your partner get to see you at your most sensual and confident, which can only add sparks to your relationship.

How to Get the Most from a Boudoir Photo Session
As we’ve listed several good reasons to consider scheduling a boudoir photography shoot. We also wanted to include the following tips to make sure your session is as exciting and memorable as possible.

  • Go Shopping – Preparing for your photoshoot gives you a chance to select some exciting new outfits. Do some browsing online for ideas. Take a fashion savvy friend along for help. In addition to lingerie, you may want to find some accessories to provide some additional looks. For example, you might choose some jewelry that will enhance some shots.
  • Practice Posing – Get comfortable by posing in front of a mirror. You can find inspiration by looking at other boudoir style photos. However, get creative and find poses that feel natural and attractive to you.
  • Be Careful If Tanning – You don’t want to look too red (or orange) for your session. If you tan, either naturally or at a salon, make sure you’re familiar with the process and know what to expect.
  • Watch Your Diet – Junk food can make you look and feel bloated and can contribute to skin issues. Eating healthy and exercising the weeks before your session is recommended to ensure your confidence during the shoot.

Model in white lingerie mirrored

Find the Right Photographer
No matter what kind of photography session you’re planning, finding the right photographer is paramount. For something as intimate as a boudoir photo session, it’s extra critical that you find someone with whom you’re comfortable. Naturally, you also want a photographer who has a style you appreciate. You can look through their portfolio to get an idea of their past work. For this type of session, it might be a good idea to meet the photographer in person to make sure they are a good fit.

Treat Yourself to the Luxury of a Boudoir Photo Session
Boudoir photography is one of the most luxurious ways to invest in yourself. It gives you a chance to explore new facets of yourself and build your confidence. While people often choose to schedule these sessions during their engagement, there’s not really any right or wrong time to give yourself the gift of a boudoir photo session.

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