Last time I updated my blog was EDC Las Vegas 2014.

A lot has happened since then.

The course of photography continues to take to me to places I never thought possible.

After EDC LV, I covered: Tomorrow World, Groove Cruise LA, was personally hired by Kaskade for Halloween, and ended the year covering Decadence.
2014 was a stepping stone in learning more about myself, what my worth was, and how I differed from the competition.

Its a never ending battle to increase skill and become someone that is highly regarded in a field full of 50% spectacular talent and 50% rookies that diminish the category of ‘event photographer’

Working alongside some of the best in the industry, it set an example upon myself in how to portray professionalism and code of conduct. I have joined an amazing Photographer support group that helps one another across all questions relating to our field. I have made friends and hosted out of town photographers because of this tight knit community. On the other side of the spectrum, I’ve seen photographers wear white shirts to major festivals, on stage. I’ve seen a guy walk right across the stage of a performing artist as if they were headlining. Real things that make me scratch my head and say, “Wtf?”

Ultimately, I have also learned to only worry about myself. This doesn’t imply being selfish and not mentoring. On the contrary. I have been fortunate enough to be a leading hand to an up and comer photographer in the Arizona market. He has taken big strides through my guidance and has improved tremendously over the past few months. He put aside his ego and wanted to learn more. I believe it’s been a rewarding experience for both of us because now I can feel more comfortable heading out of town knowing someone with positive characteristics cares about this line of work just as much as I do, and for him because his confidence has boosted when hes out in the field.

Ending the second month of 2015, the rest of the year seems to be looking like the greatest one yet. Just when I believe things taper down, more spontaneous events wrap up my life that take me from A-Z. I sincerely hope you have been enjoying my work, I try my best to tell a story, capture emotion, and provide imagery that’s just plain fun with a splash of art. I love what I do and enjoy being around those that attend these events. I don’t want to necessarily label myself as a dedicated EDM Photographer, many of us have 9-5’s or embrace other art forms of photography. Whether I’m taking pictures at a convention, festival, or in the middle of the woods, I think just having a camera in my hand seems perfect all in itself.


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