Being a professional photographer has come with its trials and tribulations. One of the most essential pieces of gear that is severely underrated to invest time, money, and thought into is mistakenly not your body or lens but the very device that is harnessed to your body while going out into the field. I call it the field for the sheer fact that ‘field’ is always known as outdoors. When you head out into the field with weight of equipment, or lack there-of, it is important to purchase the right bag for the job.

Currently, I own about 6 bags, and they all serve a different purpose and I don’t plan on removing any of them from my inventory any time soon. These range from backpacks of different sizes, to slings, to small item holders. Lowepro products have been very reliable in quality and I recommend them. Out of all the brands I use, they deserve a special highlight and recognition. Through all my travels, from dry lands to unbearable humidity, the zippers and bag fabric tends to hold up: even after throwing them into the washer.

Throughout my adventures, packing a proper camera kit in a proper bag is vital. I try to carry as little weight as possible. One tip includes double-checking your bag before you depart for a shoot. When I first started shooting, approximately 6-7 years ago, I was working with a model friend of mine. After the entire idea was set in stone, we planned the shoot. On the day of, she came over and we took my vehicle to the destination. My bag was with me but my camera was at home. I felt terrible, but she understood my error. We went back for the camera and did the shoot, but this shows that even with proper preparation, mistakes can still slip in.

After you’ve checked everything that you need, pack the bag accordingly. I try to avoid packing anything expensive (body and lens) at the bottom, since that is the area that gets the most abuse. A lot of recent bags on the market pack tougher bottoms, I don’t risk that idea so I avoid it altogether. Using your center of gravity as a guide, I try to pack upper middle of the bag with proper weight distribution. The goal is to feel comfortable when you walk and not have anything on your body hurting, specifically your neck and shoulders.

And finally, try to not look like a photographer and boast this HUGE camera branded bag if you are traveling to unfamiliar areas. You just made yourself a bullseye for criminals. Looking discreet is key and only whip out your camera when you need it. On my bag I have 2 locks on zippers to make it more of a pain for anyone wasting their time on me.

If you have any bag recommendations or questions, let me know!


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