Event Photography – The Balance of Business

Event Photography requires a lot of strings. First, there needs to be an event, then a producer, then that producer delegates to hire staff, hair and make up (if needed), production involving photography and videography, and of course a tentative timeline.

Over the years, this magical formula has proved itself for professional photographers around the globe. We are fortunate here where most of our clients continue to re-hire us year after year for their major projects and events. Beyond the measure of our personalities, we believe in one thing, and that is excellent customer service. The team and I cater to our clients every need. This can range from location of the event, deadlines on delivery, same day delivery and so forth. One of our previous clients needed 5 revisions with watermarking their images. Instead of charging a fee, we took care of them and wanted to keep them happy.

Sometimes the time and energy can feel futile, but in the end, that client/producer for the event will remember you next year if they come back to town, or are local and throw the same event. If you go above and beyond, and they decide to go with someone else on the following year, all you can do is move forward, and hope they contact you the next year. Never consider a client’s work a one-off project. The goal is to build a business friendship. This friendship shows them that you care, and they are a priority. The second you think a contract is a one-time thing, is the second you just lost that work indefinitely.

One of our main advantages here is the services we offer. Not only do we have the best event photographers in the valley, we also offer video services and hair and make up services. The more you are able to bring to the table, the better your chips stack up. While offering more services requires more work, your clients will appreciate the help, especially the producer of the event.

This information should seem practical and basic, but you would be surprised the amount of ‘professionals’ I meet that have no idea what they are really doing. They believe taking pictures, editing, and delivering is all this industry involves. Peeling back the layers, the attention to every detail in running your business is critical. I hope this has helped you on your quest to understanding what it means to shoot event photography. Feel free to leave a comment.


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