I try not to limit my wedding spectrum to the Phoenix photography market, but more so the global market. Heck, I don’t really consider myself a wedding photographer. Though within the last 2 years, business has picked up, just not as local as I thought. Destination weddings might sound or seem expensive, but the reality is, for us photographers, it opens up a pandoras box of creativity, and costs about the same to the couple at hand.There are a few topics that I will be discussing, first: creativity. Then, the benefits of traveling, the skills you develop, and overall, stepping out of your comfort zone.


This year I have shot in Oregon, Cannon Beach, Page, AZ and Prescott, AZ to name a few. Upcoming and highly anticipated is Cancun, Mexico beach wedding. One of the absolute best things about going to new places is working with new climates and backgrounds. Every destination wedding I get booked for I always Google search the venue, area, and overall setting of where I will be. Google earth is also a big help. This preliminary research always helps me get my creative flow going. Since most photographers are visual people, the research helps me plan my attack on the big clients’ day. There is nothing worse than being caught off guard. In respects to creativity, constantly having new settings and locations will test your ability to come up with fresh ideas. In turn it will make you a better photographer.

Benefits of Traveling

When traveling for work, you get to do something most people don’t or cannot do for whatever reason there may be. Each destination wedding I get booked for, I find it a true blessing in disguise. Personally, I love travelling. Dependant on what you believe in, we get to experience this earth once, so any chance I get to see a new part of it, I jump at the opportunity, and so should you! When going to a location to work, I always make sure to arrive a few days early, or stay an extra few days pre or post wedding. This enables me to adventure the area and try out the locals food and hike the hottest spots. Again, doing research beforehand goes a long way. Finally, the more you travel, the more you are showing future clients how passionate you really are about what you do.

Comfort Zone

The comfort zone dilemma I can understand. Some of us don’t like flying, or being away from home for a few days because of our loved ones such as family and pets. Yes, I love sleeping in my own bed too, but sometimes, you just have to cut the rope and let yourself out of your bubble. If you have never seen the film, “Bubble Boy” I encourage you to do so. Just as it sounds, it’s about a boy trapped in a bubble that goes adventuring into the real world (keep in mind he’s been trapped in his bedroom his entire life). So the reference is a bit drastic, but you get my point. This stepping out of comfort doesn’t just apply to wedding work, you can apply this way of thinking to all aspects in your life. Most great inventions weren’t made by accepting the status quo. The ones that go out and take a chance are the ones that taste the fruit of life.

To wrap this up, destination weddings so far have been an absolute blast. I have seen some of the most amazing parks, beaches, overall settings I could have never seen if it weren’t for clients believing in me and taking a chance in my creativity. Any chance you get to be booked and go work somewhere, I say go for it. Just remember to pack accordingly to local weather, snacks, and double check all of your camera gear.

Here are a few selects from my adventures 🙂 Cheers!

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