Its been over 6 years now, diving into event photography. I have to say I have learned a lot over that time, but still have so much to grow into. The never-ending challenge of outdoing yourself is in my eyes, a true master of the art. Even the master was once a student, never forget that. I’m at a point now where I feel comfortable coaching those that want to learn, not just about photography, but about how to build their business and how to build themselves.

As with any business owner that begins to grow, you need to make plans in setting others up for success, because in turn, you will set yourself up for success. Not once should anyone think that you can handle all vital ‘operations’ on your own. For the most part, I do a lot of housekeeping on my own, such as bookkeeping, editing and so forth. But when it comes to developing individuals that can help shoot for you, with you, and assist in many aspects of your career, it is essential to share your knowledge. Now, there aren’t any real key words here that will stand out, and you definitely don’t want to set anyone up to steal your business, so knowing where the fine line is, well, important.

When it comes to your clients and network, I suggest keeping those items to yourself. BUT, if you have a client needing a food photographer, and you know a food photographer, and you’re not that good at food photography, maybe you should hand that job off, and perhaps assist as a trade for providing them that job. They get the check they deserve, you get the experience you deserve. Everyone grows. Building that foundation is the key. You can interpret that as you wish, but building a foundation for yourself, business, trust with others, or all of the above and beyond, will lead your hand to higher goals.

In the beginning, building the foundation meant having a proper website showcasing my portfolio, having business cards, and setting up the LLC. Now, building my foundation means developing other photographers, scouting clients, and investing in new technology that benefits my business and clients. I suppose the moral of the story is, building your foundation is never ending. Never stop growing. Never stop trying to outdo yourself. And while you’re growing, help others that want to grow too, because they just might show you something amazing that you didn’t know existed.

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