Benefits of 360-Degree Photos and Video for Corporate Events

What are the Benefits of 360 Degree Photos and Videos for Corporate Events?

We’ve all heard the terms running around the Internet lately: 360, 360-degree photos, VR, and virtual reality, but what are they and how can they benefit your next corporate event?

There have been some massive changes brewing over the last few years in the world of photography, and 360-degree photography is one of the latest technology advances that’s making waves in the industry. But what does it do, and what are the advantages of using 360-degree photography for corporate events?

360-Degree Photography

360-degree photos can be made with a 360-degree camera, which stitches together multiple photos to create one seamless final photo. You’ve probably seen your first 360-degree images on Google, whether in their mapping programs or as a part of their business listings. Now, 360-degree images are trending throughout social media, becoming the new standard way to share photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

So how can these photos improve your next corporate event?

360-degree corporate event photography is the best way to give your workers the most immersive experience possible with their corporate event photos, and 360 corporate event photography also makes an event even more memorable.

360 photos create a completely “complete” picture of the room you want to remember, the people who were there, and the memories you want to hold on to. If your accounting department can go back to the company website and remember that every member of their group was at your last company picnic when the band sang their favorite song, you help transport your work team back to that time and place, where the happy memories began.

This kind of “good vibe” can’t be captured by a single photo alone, and creating an immersive experience is the key to staying up with the latest trends. A 360-degree corporate event photo can be shared across social media, helping drive new people to click on your event photo and learn more about your company.

Benefits of 360-Degree Photos for Corporate Events:

Your company will appear to be technologically forward-thinking.

For example, say your major competitor holds a conference at the hottest hotel in town, but only uses still photos of their CEO speaking on stage at a podium. A visitor learning about their event will look at the site and say “that looks nice” but they may not learn anything more about the event than what they can see in that one photo.

Now say your company holds an event at the same hotel, and instead of having single-shot photos, you have a 360-degree photo of your CEO talking on the same stage. In your 360 corporate event photo, the average visitor can see that your CEO was talking in the ballroom at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, they spoke to a crowd of two hundred, and the ballroom was tastefully decorated. Which company will that person feel is more professional? The one with the standard, still photo, or yours with the state-of-the-art 360-degree photo?

Another benefit of 360-degree photography for corporate events is you can keep an accurate historical record of the event, and even easily remember key event details in case you want to recreate them again (like remembering if the cake was chocolate or vanilla, just from searching a 360-degree shot of your CEO giving a speech.) Bringing back positive memories of work-related events can help increase your team cohesion, and make employees feel like they are valued members of your organization.

Benefits of 360-Degree Videography for Corporate Events

360-degree photos and videos are similar in that they are interactive and immersive. The main difference is that with a video, your end user is able to use a VR headset such as Google Cardboard or Occulus to enter into a fully immersive virtual reality experience. Just like still photos, video, is improved with 360-degree videography. A 360-degree corporate event video can take your festivities to the next level, helping everyone feel like they’re part of the action.

The advantages of 360-degree videos for corporate events are very similar to the benefits of 360-degree photography: you can get a completely immersive experience in your video, where your viewer can see not only the video’s subject but the entire experience around your subject. For example, you can take a 360-degree video of your CEO sharing a recap of the company’s year at the holiday party, and then you can look around the entire room and see that Bill from HR laughed at your CEO’s funny joke at the ten-minute mark.

An additional benefit of 360-degree corporate event videography is how cutting-edge it will make your company appear. By utilizing the latest technology, your company will be able to show that it is in-line with current technological trends, which implicitly tells your end customer that you’re forward-thinking and nimble in the current economy.

Another great benefit of 360-degree videography is it’s easily utilized by current virtual reality (VR) software and headsets, so you can take part in the growing virtual reality video market. A growing number of smartphone and software companies are coming out with VR headsets, and VR is growing in popularity with everyone from gamers to professors and everyone in between.

VR corporate event videos can be a great way to hop on the technology innovation bandwagon, and especially if your company is in the technology industry, it’s a great way to impress your peers. If you adopt VR corporate event videography before your competitors do, it can also show your prospective customers that you’re serious about innovation. Plus, it’s really fun to play around with a VR video, which helps grow your employee and customer engagement.

So, why should you get a 360-degree photo or video package with us?

We will utilize our entire team of experts to professionally represent your event in a memorable style that will help all your clients ask “Remember when…?” about all the events during your big gathering. We take pride in our work and want to make sure that your entire team enjoys their memories of your next big company event. While 360-degree photography or videography can sometimes appear unusual at first, the end results it creates are unforgettable.

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