When you get ready to shoot a corporate event, the key to success is being prepared. From having the right outfit to wear, to making sure that all of your gear is ready to go, preparation is essential when you want succeed as a corporate event photographer. What you wear will impact how others see you professionally, and looking the part is just as important as having the skills necessary to get the job done.

Black Clothing Works Great for Corporate Event Photographers

Many photographers choose to wear mostly black clothing to an event, and this has many advantages. Black clothing fits in just about anywhere, even if the outfit is black jeans and a t-shirt. While it’s important to know the type of event you are photographing, and dress for the occasion, sticking with all black is a good option. Black blends into the background, and if you are using a second photographer, you are less likely to be noticed in any photographs.

Get Your Lighting Right

Lighting is not as easy as it seems. When you are a corporate event photographer, you have to do more than use an on-camera flash for capturing all of your images. If the event is going to be outdoors, be prepared to use fill flashes and reflective umbrellas if necessary. If the event is indoors and the lighting is dim, you will need to have lenses that can be opened up wide and a camera that works well with high ISO settings. You do not want to be caught at an indoor event with a low level camera and one small flash, because the results will be grainy, dark and full of problems.

Check Everything Before You Leave for Your Event

You will have a lot of gear with you when you go to shoot a corporate event. Make sure that all of your lenses are clean and packed in your camera bag. Charge all of your batteries the night before for all flashes and cameras. You should have two cameras, just in case one malfunctions and you are left without a camera to use. Check to see that any memory cards you have are all in your camera bag. Put in a snack or two just in case you aren’t fed at the event, and you start to feel shaky from hunger. Grab a few bottles of water to stay hydrated, and make sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes. With your camera charged, your flashes in your bag, extra batteries and memory cards, you will be ready to handle taking photographs at any corporate event.

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